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For Startups
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Get the help you need to get ahead

A wise old businessman once said,
startups are like babies; fun to conceive and hell to deliver.”

As a founder or leader in a small/medium business, you’re probably living this saying every day. Changing the world doesn’t come easy, but we can help you navigate the choppy waters of start-up bay.

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How to evaluate market potential before going all-in?

Are these questions keeping you up at night? Get in touch with us, and we’ll have you sleeping like a baby.


See how we have done exactly that for our Startup and SMB clients.

Discovering motivations & perceptions behind audience needs


A P2P marketplace launched its used cars platform, with impactful messaging that brings buyers and sellers together, for an easy, convenient and reliable process of direct sale or purchase.

Services: Consumer research, Survey methodology, Quantitative analysis


Consumer attitudes and perceptions were assessed towards MVP, to determine priority of needs, that drew insights into the value proposition.  

Value-added differentiation was designed around the in-depth understanding of target market needs.

Survey research plan was mapped out and executed to define buyers’ and sellers’ motivations to direct sale or purchase, as well as perceptions on capabilities of P2P platform.

Identification of pain-points and decision-making drivers, provided clarity on messaging strategy to own unique positioning of a trusted, transparent and safe auto marketplace. 

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Think of us as your brand’s custodian

Just like a baby, a startup or small business needs different things at each stage of development. In the beginning, hand-holding is crucial to establish viable target markets and get the basic elements of a brand identity in place. Then come the teenage tantrums; a difficult phase where the brand must ‘find itself’ through a lot of creative experimentation to fine-tune the messaging and delivery for maximum impact. Finally, comes the maintenance phase, defending market advantages and venturing into new areas.

We’ve got you covered every step of the way. Our international team of specialists collaborates remotely to deliver solutions at each stage of your brand’s evolution.

Don’t listen to us. Listen to our clients.


Dillon Ransome, CEO & Founder

Anika is a magician! I literally just posted my requests & she quickly would create fantastic presentations that was easy to follow & went above & beyond my expectations. She truly is an asset & I would definitely hire her again.

George Lekas, Founder-COO


Anika took the time to understand our needs, and provide advice on the research design and methodology, that met our project objectives efficiently.

She asked the right questions, that were able to drive valuable insights for us to take the strategic decisions towards how our product was positioned and packaged for our targeted customers.

She demonstrates attention to detail and ownership of the project, with excellent communication, proactiveness, and high standards of quality on the work.

Ali Nematollahi, Founder & CEO
YouJumprope Inc.

Anika is the best freelancer we have worked with so far. She is incredibly talented, works really hard and has a lot of great input and feedback.


Takes on the project as if it's her own project and delivers absolutely the best result you can hope for. Highly highly recommended and will definitely work with her again!


We understand startups because we are one.

You’ll quickly find that at Creative Notion we don’t deal in BS or fuzzy promises. No one’s got the time for that when there is so much exciting work to be done. You’ll get straight and specific answers from us, and no exaggerated promises. What we say, we will deliver.


We are a little bit obsessed with gathering high-quality data and analyzing it to orient actionable decisions; the kind that end up making a difference to the bottom line. So if you’re seeking out expertise in research, strategy, or design, talk to us to see if we’re the right match for your brand.

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