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Find a fresh perspective to get excited about

Successful large companies have, by definition, figured out the things they are good at.

However, being focused on the day-to-day performance of the organization, in-house teams sometimes lose sight of the very big picture. Corporate culture has a way of inducing a certain complacency precisely because things have been going well.

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In the long run, no organization survives, without thinking out of the box, or without agility in times of crisis or opportunity. Stock market history is littered with the written-off remains of proud corporations that got too content. Which is exactly why many forward-thinking large companies have stepped out of their organizational parameters to ask for our objective, unbiased input.


When a project or business opportunity requires a fresh approach, the specialists at Creative Notion can liaise with your teams to bring a new perspective to your organization.


Here’s how we have helped organizations up their game.

Furthering product development with better UX understanding

An industry leader in compensation data and technology gained comprehensive understanding of customer pain-points, to drive strategic decision-making on product development.  


The enhanced picture of user behaviour, was drawn from this multi-phased qualitative user experience (UX) study, that enabled the product offering to be better aligned to customer needs.

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Services: Qualitative interviews, UX Assessment, UX Analysis and Recommendations


Key pain-points were discovered through employment of 3 data sources - listening to customer calls, review of customer satisfaction poll responses, and conducting 1:1 interviews with customers.  


The in-depth understanding of customer challenges drew out insights, which provided direction to recommendations on the customer engagement process framework, as well as opportunity gaps for multiple product components to further development. 


Break out of groupthink

Our agile team is immune to existing corporate politics or resistance, which makes it possible to push through bold but necessary ideas and to pivot on a dime in light of new intelligence. With many decades of experience across organizations, industries, and geographies, we can hit the ground running, and get onboard and up to speed in a jiffy.


Unlike the existing organizational hierarchy, our brief is straightforward and singular. We are not susceptible to the HIPPO effect (Highest Paid Person’s Opinion) because we are accountable only to our objectives. We can be nimble and innovative in a way that the typical corporate team just cannot.

But don’t take our word for it.

See what our clients are saying.

Client Director, Leading business school in the world

I worked with Anika over multiple months on a research study where we needed access to interview high-caliber executives of the leading companies in that sector. A sector which is hard to get in and discreet.


She was persistent in getting the interviews we wanted, flexible in adapting her schedule to the executive’s schedule in different time zones around the world.


Anika was instrumental in defining the process, the interview structure and of course conducted the interviews in a great way. We involved her also in a strategy workshop afterwards which was not intended from the beginning but a result of the great work she did before and trust. Anika delivered always on time in an efficient and effective manner so we could move ahead as quickly as possible. I would be happy to have her on board again soon.

Ayman Luqman


Kalliope Health

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Anika took the time to understand our needs. She showed a lot of flexibility to deal with several external challenges we faced during the project and was resourceful.
Great research and interview skills.
She will be our go to researcher for
future projects.


Get a dose of the startup mindset!

Test, try, pivot! Test, try, pivot! The rush of the startup culture attracts some of the smartest and most ambitious minds for a reason. At larger organizations, bringing back the excitement can fire up the team and get them thinking big. Creative Notion is poised to help you do exactly that.
We are independent thinkers who have led organizations and project teams over the course of long and successful careers. We know how to be agile. We have taught ourselves to
embrace constant unlearning and rethinking to stay on our toes, and we do not work like a typical hierarchical agency. You deal directly with the person or persons collaborating with you. No accounts people to get through, no excuses and no BS. And at the end of the day, we live and die by the results we deliver.

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