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Creative Notion is a Research and Strategy consultancy that transforms innovative concepts and ideas into effective marketing solutions, grounded through robust research.


For Startups and SMBs

In search of accurate market intelligence?


Want to position your brand for maximum impact?


Searching for ways into your audience’s minds and hearts?

For Agencies

Want strategic thinking driven by empirical research?


Looking to nurture robust, antifragile brands?


In need of experts to take up the slack?

For Enterprises

Need quality intel to take you to the next level?


Searching for fresh, disruptive perspectives?


Want a team of specialists you can count on?


Find an expert.
Find your edge.

A remote multinational team of seasoned experts, we work with Startups & SMBs, Agencies and Enterprises, with research that helps them discover market needs and perceptions, and with strategic advisory to define the sweet spot for a good market fit. Our process on any project we take is that of rigorous and efficiency, to deliver solutions that are backed by insightful research and strategic analysis.

So what’s next? Schedule a complimentary discovery session and connect with our expert. If there is a meeting of the minds, we’ll send you’re a proposal and, hopefully, it will be the beginning of a long and fruitful collaboration.

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