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For Agencies

Every superhero needs a trusty sidekick

No agency can (or should) do everything.

Perhaps your agency offers expertise in a competitive niche, or maybe you work within a specific industry or geographic area, or perhaps your agency just needs to plug a temporary gap. Creative Notion offers the skills you need,

when you need them.

Whether you require expertise in research, strategy, or brand building, we’re the jigsaw piece that fits your puzzle.


Our international team of specialists are seasoned at wearing various hats. Rather than a set of fixed services, we work with you to understand what is needed and mold ourselves to fit that gap.


We’re happy to work in the background, or to work in partnership with your folks, or to lead your teams through specific projects, or even to represent your company in dealings with certain clients.

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Here’s how we have helped agencies make a difference.

Defining an improved differentiated positioning with the right ‘voice'


An established well-renowned international Market Research agency repositioned their brand, with refinement of the definition of their key differentiators, and alignment of their strengths with the customer market value/benefit.  The rebrand strategy exercise (headed by a dynamic Philadelphia-based Marketing agency) built the foundation for the rebrand of the identity, to increase user experience, boost brand engagement, and improve lead generation.

Services: Brand Audit and Positioning, Brand framework and Architecture, Brand Tagline


A brand audit of 6 competitors was executed, based on 4W-2H model, to assess market positioning, target audiences and messaging strategy, along with brand archetype identification, to define differentiated and own-able space in the playing field.  


The brand pyramid outlined the attributed, functional/emotional benefits, USP and essence, and was complemented with the messaging framework for vision/mission, promise and positioning.


A relook of the existing brand architecture also went through an overhaul, aligning the refined brand attributes to the product/service offering, promoting the benefits of the solutions and innovation approach to tackling research challenges.


Not your average freelancers

Online talent marketplaces bring the world’s freelance talent to your doorstep. While some professionals can be very good indeed, finding them is not always an easy or fun process.


We are not young hotshots finding our way in the industry. We are seasoned experts who have been there and done that. We understand the value of building relationships with our clients, and helping you nurture relationships with your clients in turn. Which is why so many of our one-off projects invariably turn into repeat customers, and eventually into long-term collaborations.


Here’s what our customers are saying about us.

Russ Napolitano
Partner, Client Relationships


Anika's partnership with Xhilarate Branding and Design was integral to achieving overall success for our client. Her strategic approach to uncovering category and brand insights was instrumental in defining the best strategic path forward for First Look Display Group.


Talk directly with our expert

We have a simple rule. The specialist who is working on your project will be the key point of contact for the duration of the project. You won’t have to get past a junior account executive, a senior account executive (and possibly an account director) to talk to the research or creative personnel. Which means there is no diffusion of accountability, and we avoid the lost-in-translation problem altogether.


Get in touch with us and let’s get started right away.

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