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Research your market
Refine your value proposition
Resonate with your customers

And at the end of the day, we live and die by the results we deliver.

Meet the team

anika luthra.png

Anika Luthra

  • Anika Luthra Linked In

Lead Researcher and Strategist

bret barnard.png

Bret Barnard

  • Bret Barnard Linked In

Senior Researcher and Analyst

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  • Rami Haidar Linked In

Brand Designer and
Art Director

Yashaswi Bhatt.png

Yashaswi Bhatt

  • Yashaswi Bhatt Linked In

Associate, Research and Planning

anthony vie.png

Anthony Vie


Digital Strategy, Web Development

valnea skansi.png

Valnea Skansi


Design and Branding



Creative Notion

You’ll quickly find that at Creative Notion we don’t deal in BS or fuzzy promises. No one’s got the time for that when there is so much exciting work to be done. You’ll get straight and specific answers from us every time, and no exaggerated promises.

We have no posh offices for you to visit, where you get served gourmet espresso and tiny French pastries. Our team works exclusively remotely, which means you’ll have to brew your own beverage, but it also means you get cost-effective solutions that work in the real world.

What we say, we will deliver.

Our principles

What sets us apart

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Break out of groupthink

Our agile team is immune to existing corporate politics or resistance, which makes it possible to push through bold but necessary ideas and to pivot on a dime in light of updated intelligence. With many decades of experience across organizations, industries, and geographies, we can hit the ground running, and get onboard and up to speed rapidly.

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